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Hey guys! I'm gonna be livestreaming for a while, so come join the fun! I might even take requests!…
Hey everyone! Using the money I've earned from selling in the artist alleys at Fanime, AM2, & Anime Expo, I bought a new laptop like I said I would! Now my laptop is fast enough to handle Livestreaming! :excited: I took it for a test run the other day, & it worked great! I even had a few viewers! :D

If you guys wanna join in on my Livestreams when i do them, feel free! :D I'll be sure to let you guys know when I'm going to be doing a session via this journal, my twitter, my tumblr, & my facebook, so if you're following at least one of those, you won't miss out! :laughing: If you wanna watch my latest video, you can view it at my channel here:… It's called "5 Spooks Answers" since I was answering question for my Gastly tumblr blog. The other videos are just me testing it out, so don't bother with those. ^^;

I hope to see some of you there the next time I stream! :wave:

Wow! What a weekend! A big thanks to everyone who came by my table to buy stuff or just say hi! :D & a big welcome to anyone who found there way here to my DA page through my business card! :glomp: Glad to have you here! I hope everyone had as much fun at AX as I did. :) Everyone was super nice & totally awesome. There were loads of great artists in the artist alley too. & I got to meet Little Kuriboh at his booth! He's an awesome guy. :nod: I can't wait for next year! :excited:

With the money I've earned at Fanime, AM2, & Anime Expo, I plan on buying a new laptop, since my current one is a dinosaur. ^^; This is good news for you guys too, since I should be updating more often once I get a computer that will actually run photoshop properly! :w00t:

Once again, thank you guys for being so awesome! :hug:

Fanime this past weekend was tons of fun! :D I met a lot of awesome people & sold lots of buttons, keychains, prints, & plushies! Gotta restock before AM2 in a few weeks. :excited: Thanks to everyone who came by my table, as well as :iconkumiventura:'s table next to mine! :wave: & a warm welcome to any watchers I may have picked up from Fanime! :hug: I know my posts have been kinda slow in the past few weeks, but things should be picking up now that the summer is here! :nod: I may even have some more Fire Hazard comic pages to post. ;) Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend too! :D

Hey everyone! I just wanted to spread the word about AM2 this June. :) It's an anime convention being held at the Anaheim convention center from June 15th to the 17th, & it's FREE! That's right, FREE. :faint: You don't have to buy a badge to get in! :excited: It's a great place to cosplay, meet new friends & old friends, & do a little shopping in the Artist Alley & the Dealer's Hall! My friend :iconkumiventura: & I will be sharing a table in the Artist Alley, so be sure to stop by & say hello! :D

Be sure to invite your friends and family, & remember IT'S FREEEEEE!! :boogie:

For more info, be sure to check out their website here:
Hey all you tumblr-ers out there! I changed my tumblr name so I'm easier to find. I used to be, but I've changed it to, so feel free to follow me if you wish. :)

I also run an illustrated ask blog about Gastly, if you're interested. you can find that one at

See you on tumblr! :wave:

Hey guys! :wave: Just letting you know that I won't be taking any commissions for hats & plushies & such for a while, since I need to prepare for my selling tables. But my Etsy site will still be open with my clearance chibis still on sale! :nod:

For those of you going to any of the conventions I will be at, you can ask me for a commission there! :D Keep in mind that it might take me a little while to finish it though, since I've got 3 cons in a row that I'm selling at. :faint:

Here's the list of conventions I will be selling at this year:

:star: Fanime, May 25-28 in San Jose, CA
:star: AM2, June 15-17 in Aneheim, CA
:star: Anime Expo, June 29-July 2 in Los Angeles, CA

Potential locations I MIGHT be selling at:
:star: Yaoi-con, October 12-14 in Long Beach, CA
:star: PMX, November 9-11 in Los Angeles, CA

I will also be at San Diego Comic-con in July, but I won't be selling. Just nerding around. X3

If you're going to any of these conventions, be sure to stop by my table & say hi! :D
Easter is just around the corner, & you know what that means...I need a new theme for this year's Easter Eggs! If anyone has any suggestions of how I should paint/dye my eggs this year, lemme know! Otherwise, I was thinking of doing some Mass Effect eggs. :3

I recently bought the entire set of the Ancient Duel YGO one coin figures, but I already owned a few of them, so now I have duplicates. So for those of you looking to add either Pharaoh Atem or Yami Marik to your collection, you're in luck! I'm selling them on ebay! Click here to check out the Pharaoh:… Click here to check out Yami Marik:… Happy bidding! :D
I was thinking of doing chibi commissions since they're fun to do & who doesn't love chibis?:shrug: Do you think this would be a good idea? Lemme know what you think.

Hey guys! Rocket Weasel is now available to both iOS & Android devices! :D If you wanna check out a trailer of some gameplay, watch it here: For more info about the game, visit It's super fun & cute & addictive! Check it out! :wave:
Hey guys! For those who don't know, I work at a computer game company called Freezetag Inc. & we just finished a great game that we've been working on for MONTHS! & it's now available in the Amazon app store for Android devices! (iPhone version soon to come!) It's super fun & addictive & has cute art! (sadly, not my art. I WISH. ^^; I just do the testing for bugs & crashes.) Great for any age too! If you wanna check it out, here's the link to it in the Amazon app store: You can check out screenshots & even the intro video to the game!

For those who do buy the game, be sure to look for my name in the credits under QA! :D

PS: Etsy $5 sale still going on!
Hey everyone! I'm trying to clean out my inventory for the new year to make room for new stuff, which means everything in my Etsy shop is on SALE! Everything is $5 or under, so don't miss out on this great deal! Click here to visit my shop!----->…
Thanks to everyone who has sent me happy birthday messages! I didn't know you guys cared! :iconiloveyouplz: As a small token of my thanks, enjoy my latest tumblr doodle:…

For those of you who don't know or don't follow my tumblr, I post a new doodle every Sunday. & the past 2 have been animated! If you don't wanna miss out on the doodle action, be sure to follow me on tumblr!

(if you don't have a tumblr, don't worry. I'll post all my doodles to DA at the end of the month in a big post.;))

Thanks again, everyone! I love you all! :iconhappytearsplz:

Still looking for some last minute gifts? Look no further! My keychains & buttons make perfect stocking stuffers for anybody! Check them out!
Pinback Buttons 4 Sale UPDATED by Red-Flare Chibi Keychains for Sale by Red-Flare
Just click the thumbnails for full images & pricing info.
For those who don't know, I have a tumblr account (which you can find here A lot of my posts are just reblogs of things I find funny or things related to my interests, such as pokemon & yugioh, but I've now started "Doodle Post Sundays" where I will post a random doodle (usually of pokemon). I will also be taking requests for doodles through my ask box, so if you'd like to see me doodle something, ask away! However, keep in mind that I have the right to ignore your request if I find it inappropriate.

Again, for those interested in following me on tumblr, here's where you can find me:

For those who don't want to or don't have a tumblr, fear not! You won't be missing out on the doodle action. At the end of the month, I will put all the doodles from that month together in a collage & post it here on DA.


PS: If you'd like to see what kind of doodles I'll be doing, here's one I posted today:…
Dan Green (voice of Yugi/Yami from YuGiOh, along with many other characters) is now the proud father of twins, but unfortunately his wife, Michal Friedman, died due to complications with the c-section surgery. Please help support him in this very stressful time with a donation by visiting…

NOTE: the site refers to Dan Green as James Snyder, which is one of his many pseudonyms.
Hey guys! The holidays are approaching fast, & I know you're all looking for deals on gifts. Well I've got a great deal for you! If you use the coupon code "HOHOHO" in my Esty shop, you'll get 20% your entire order! :wow: Take advantage of this offer now & visit my shop:… More items will be added to my shop within the next few weeks, so be sure to keep checking back! Especially since I'm going to be making more of these guys: Makar Plushie by Red-Flare

Happy Holidays! :santa:

Hey guys! The Pedobear hat I had listed has been sold. But don't fret, I've added 2 new hats to my shop! :D Well, they're not new, but I've never listed them for sale before until now. :P Remember these hats? Gulpin Hat by Red-Flare TMNT Raphael Hat by Red-Flare Well they're the ones on sale! Here's the link to my shop so you can check them out:…
Thanks guys! :wave: