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SaucerofPeril Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
You can also create a folder called "Series Characters Collections". This folder will help you organize these character cards for which video game, TV show, or movie that he or she is from. For example, your sub-folder for your folder will be "F-Zero Pilots", which I posted your checklist of your F-Zero Pilots cards you made so far.
Can you do a picture called "F-Zero Girls' Racing Pets"? This will similar to "Disney Princess Palace Pets". Jody Summer could have a cat named Whiskers, Kate Alen could have a raccoon named Ringsy, Mrs. Arrow could have a flamingo named Frida, Princia Ramode could have a squirrel named Nuttette, and Lily Flyer could have a skunk named Scentser.
SaucerofPeril Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016
Can you do a picture called "F-Zero Girls as Fifth Harmony" with five major F-Zero female pilots Jody Summer, Kate Alen, Mrs. Arrow, Princia Ramode, and Lily Flyer dressed as five members of the musical band Fifth Harmony?
Can you do another project called "Wario Ware, Inc. Characters"? All the characters will be similar to your F-Zero Pilots cards. The characters in your new series will be:

-Jimmy T.
-Jimmy P.
-Jamie T.
-James T.
-Jimmy T's Parents
-Dr. Crygor
-Penny Crygor
-Young Cricket
-Master Mantis
SaucerofPeril Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
Can you do a meme sheet for all the F-Zero pilots after you finished all your 41 F-Zero Pilots cards? The rows for these five or six pilots on your F-Zero Pilot meme sheet will be arranged in numerical order.

Row 1: Mighty Gazelle, Jody Summer, Dr. Stewart, Baba, Samurai Goroh
Row 2: Pico, Captain Falcon, Octoman, Mr. EAD, James McCloud
Row 3: Billy, Kate Alen, Zoda, Jack Levin, Bio Rex
Row 4: The Skull, Antonio Guster, Beastman, Leon, Super Arrow
Row 5: Mrs. Arrow, Gomar & Shioh, Silver Neelsen, Michael Chain, Blood Falcon
Row 6: John Tanaka, Draq, Roger Buster, Dr. Clash, Black Shadow, Deathborn
Row 7: Don Genie, Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter, Dai San Gen, Spade, Dai Goroh
Row 8: Princia Ramode, Lily Flyer, PJ, QQQ, Phoenix

I hope you can have more spare time to add more forgotten F-Zero Pilots cards, I guess. I have a lot of good ideas about your new future F-Zero fanart.

Have an early Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays. ;)
SaucerofPeril Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is out in theaters everywhere!
I got a new fan art series for you. It's called "F-Zenith Racers Unleashed". It will be very similar to the characters from a TV show "Loonatics Unleashed". The 41 F-Zero pilots' descendants' names will be:

Mighty Gazelle - Magnetism Gazelle
Jody Summer - Judith Summer
Dr. Stewart - Han Richards Stewart
Baba - Babaucus
Samurai Goroh - Shogun Goroh
Pico - Piccious
Captain Falcon - Commander Kenny Falcon
Octoman - Octopusser
Mr. EAD - Mr. EADeedster
James McCloud - Joseph F. McCloud
Billy - Billous P. Chimp
Kate Alen - Kathleen Alen
Zoda - King Zodicus
Jack Levin - Jockster Levin
Bio Rex - Rexster Dino
The Skull - Sir Skull the Great III
Antonio Guster - Rambunctious Guster
Beastman - Bill Reptilehunter
Leon - Leonnith Shaw
Super Arrow/Speed Bird - Superior Ivan Arrow/Dashing Owl
Mrs. Arrow - Medusa Hills Arrow
Gomar & Shioh - Gossher & Shennon
Silver Neelsen - Titanium Neelsen
Michael Chain - Mitchell Chain
Blood Falcon - Vengeance Albert Falcon
John Tanaka/J-Love-I - Joseph J. Tanaka/J-Excite-V
Draq - Draqmire Burton
Roger Buster - Richer Buster
Dr. Clash - Professor Zack Clash
Black Shadow - Pitch Dark Shadow
Deathborn - Deathdreamer
Don Genie - Donatello Genie
Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter - Tyler "Tech-Boy" Getter
Dai San Gen - Daisen Sanner Genster
Spade - Prince Spadious
Dai Goroh - Doubledare Goroh
Princia Ramode - Priscilla Ramode
Lily Flyer - Luminous Flyer
PJ - Peter A. Jimmy Alien
QQQ - QQQuick Examiner
Phoenix - Ace Richard S. Phoenix

This is a really brand-new idea for you. ;)
Here is the checklist for the F-Zero Pilots cards you made so far.

Mighty Gazelle 01✅
Jody Summer 02✅
Dr. Stewart 03✅
Baba 04
Samurai Goroh 05✅
Pico 06✅
Captain Falcon 07✅
Octoman 08✅
Mr. EAD 09
James McCloud 10
Billy 11
Kate Alen 12✅
Zoda 13
Jack Levin 14✅
Bio Rex 15✅
The Skull 16✅
Antonio Guster 17
Beastman 18
Leon 19
Super Arrow 20✅
Mrs. Arrow 21✅
Gomar & Shioh 22
Silver Neelsen 23
Michael Chain 24
Blood Falcon 25✅
John Tanaka 26
Draq 27
Roger Buster 28
Dr. Clash 29
Black Shadow 30✅
Deathborn 00✅
Don Genie 31
Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter 32
Dai San Gen 33
Spade 34
Dai Goroh 35
Princia Ramode 36
Lily Flyer 37
PJ 38
QQQ 39
Phoenix 40

I'm keeping your list of F-Zero Pilots cards to make sure you can complete your collection. Remember these check marks to see if you have any pilots you drew before. Most of the pilots don't have a check mark means that you forgot to add them all.

P.S. Most of the forgotten pilots without a check mark needs different poses. All the 41 pilots from the original F-Zero game, X, GX, and AX are major characters. Feel free if you like to tell me that this is an excellent idea for you. ;)
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